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Rockies Fire Hurdle


  • Rockies fire Clint Hurdle, Jim Tracy new manager

Sometimes firing a manager can spur a team onward, but is it Clint Hurdle’s fault that the Rockies aren’t good?  If the Rockies were losing with the Red Sox’s pitching staff, or the Yankees’ offense, then fine; but you can’t blame Hurdle for Colorado’s performance.  It’s true that Hurdle’s job was only riding 2007’s Roctember and Rocktober, but this won’t fix the Rockies.  Colorado first basemen Todd Helton summed up the situation nicely with this quote, “He didn’t have any bad at-bats, he didn’t throw any bad pitches. He’s the same manager he was two years ago. So, we realize that ultimately we’re the reason he got fired.”  Thanks for being honest, Mr. Helton.  On a brighter note for the Rockies, Jim Tracy’s a good manager, but no one will be able to turn the Rockies around.