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What?, The Commissioner Has A Good Idea?

The signing deadline is come
and gone.  Of the thirty-two first
round selections, all but two signed. 
HS LHP Matt Purke, will attend Texas Christian University instead of
signing with the Rangers, and HS CF LeVon Washington will attend Stanford
University, turning  down an
opportunity to play for the Rays. 
RHP Aaron Crow decided to delay his career again.  The twenty-nine first-rounders who
signed will each receive an average of $2.46 million in bonus money.


After the deadline passed,
Commisioner Selig stated that he has a plan for a revised draft, “There’s
no question in my mind, in 2011, certainly a [hard] slotting system and a
worldwide draft are things we will be very aggressive in talking about,”
, said Selig. 
The plan would be discussed at the next CBA (collective bargaining


Selig’s plan, if accepted at the next CBA,
would be put into action at the 2012 Draft, and could solve a large part of
baseball’s financial gap.  While
the teams with the worst records are conceivably given the first chance at the
best players, their selections are often financially motivated, fearing that a
top player would not wish to sign with a bad team unless blown away with a
top-dollar offer.  One example of
this is the Pittsburgh Pirates’ selection of RHP Brian Bullington first overall
in the 2002 draft, over players such as BJ Upton, Scott Kazmir, and Zack
Greinke.  That is the problem that
a hard slotting system would help. 
As for the world draft idea, it would be a blessing to poorer teams, as
they consistently lose out on top prospects in the international market because
of money demands.  Selig’s two
ideas, if both approved by the MLBPA, could fix baseball’s broken draft.  So I guess “Bud” Selig actually had a
good idea after all.