Blessing Of Snow

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was
not in an enviable posistion on Saturday. 
Needing to choose a Game 3 starter, his first choice, rookie left-hander
J.A. Happ, who had missed bats all year to the tune of a 2.93 ERA, was injured,
having taken a line drive off the shin during Thursday’s Game 2.  His second choice, righty Joe Blanton
had been used in relief of Cole Hamels in Game 2.  In a stroke of desperation, Manuel was forced to turn to
veteran Pedro Martinez for the crucial start.


luckily for the Phillies, God was a Phillies fan on Saturday.  A Snowstorm pushed Game 3 to Sunday
night.  This  decision benefits the Phillies immensely.


unscheduled off day gave Happ an extra day to recover, and he’s been announced
as the starter for tonight.  Also,
the extra day puts the starters from Games 1 and 2, Cliff Lee and Hamels, back
on normal rest.  This would
theoretically allow Lee to pitch Game 4 on Monday.  Long story short, if Happ beats Colorado tonight, Lee will
shut them down again Monday, and the Phillies will get an NLCS rematch with the

Now I envy Manuel.


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