In Case You Didn’t Notice…

… the San Francisco Giants have the best pitching in the NL.


I’m not talking just Tim Lincecum here.  I mean completely, overall, dominant.


Teamwise, the Giants are first in ERA, checking in at
3.53.  They are also first in
complete games, first in shutouts, first in strikeouts, first in ERA+, second
in WHIP, and fourth in SO/BB ratio. 
As an added bonus, they are second in hits allowed, and third in
homeruns allowed.


Individually, the Giants are boosted by having a Cy Young
award winner (Tim Lincecum), who is playing better than he did during his Cy
Young season.  They also have a
budding Cy Young candidate (Matt Cain), a pitcher with  a ridiculous contract who has rebounded
(Barry Zito), and a pitcher who is one step away from putting it all together
(Jonathan Sanchez).


Wheter you like it or not, San Francisco has the best
pitching in the NL.  Just imagine
what kind of a team they would be if they had some hitters.

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