Coors Field Of The American League

Welcome to Rangers Ballpark
in Arlington


The most hitter-friendly park
not named Coors Field.

Since it opened in 1994,
Rangers Ballpark has been a boon to the home team.  Since its opening, the Rangers home .OBP, from now on
referred to as hOBP, has been on average, 29 points higher than their rOBP,
(road .OBP.  Another large
difference is visible in the slugging category.  Since the park’s opening, the Rangers hSLG has been on
average, 49 points higher than their rSLG.  Taking into account both stats, the Rangers tOPS has been a
******** 76 points higher, on average, than their rOPS.  This is not just a case of home-field
advantage.  All teams have
traditionally hit well at Rangers Ballpark.


This park has made hitters
great.  The great Ivan Rodriguez, lauded
as much for his bat as for his fantastic glove is one of the beneficiaries of
this park.


Ivan Rodriguez, Career,
Rangers Ballpark: .326/.362/.533

Ivan Rodriguez, Career, Everywhere
Else: .289/.328/.447


While Rodriguez, whose career
has included not only 13 years in Texas, but also six years combined in
Florida, Detroit, New York, and Houston, played out his prime in Texas;
certainly effecting part of the large deficit in his numbers.  But a gap as big as this, 37 points in
BA, 34 points in OBP, 86 points in SLG, and a ******** 120 points in OPS, can not be
explained solely by his age. 
Steroids could play a role in this, but I don’t trust Jose Canseco.  The main point is that excluding
outside factors, Ivan Rodriguez benefited greatly from Rangers Ballpark.


It may not have as great a
reputation as Coors Field, but Rangers Ballpark is a great asset for Texas;
fullheartadly deserving the title of Coors Field of the American League.


  1. santosis

    The Rangers do have a launching pad, but, watching that Red Sox-Yankees series, you can see how the left-handers in NY’s lineup are drastically altering their swings to poke the ball towards right-field. My bet though, Julia, is that the Yanks will do something drastic in the off-season. That short porch is ridiculous. The Yanks won’t let all that money become a punch line.

    And, while I agree that the ballpark inflated Pudges’ numbers, I also think performance enhancing drugs might have had something to do with it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily. Its just part of evolution, even if the process got a bit too accelerated for a decade or so…


    • paintingtheblack

      I was trying to keep ‘roids out of it, but Pudge has been connected to PED’s in the past. As I think I said in my post, I don’t trust Jose Canseco.

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