Red Sox Need A Shortstop

With the re-injury of Jed Lowrie, the Boston Red Sox are on the lookout for a shortstop again.  For a reminder of the Red Sox shortstop situation:

Jed Lowrie: He’ll be ready to take over next year (said in 2007).  He’ll be healthy and ready to take over next year (said in 2008)  He’s been injured, and horrible in 2009.  When is next year?
Julio Lugo-Bad glove, -48.2 UZR/150, bad bat, oh wait, he’s a Cardinal now, never mind.
Nick Green-See Lugo, except still on Red Sox
Scary thought when you have to wish that Boston still had Alex Cora.
The Boston Globe is reporting that the Red Sox have claimed Nationals starting SS Cristian Guzman, one of the few good players on the Washington squad.  Guzman is hitting a solid .315/.333/.437 with 5 HR and 39 RBI.  He is a fielding upgrade with a -6.2  UZR/150, but still below average.  At this point, even with an $ 8 million salary, anything would be an upgrade over what they have now.  Red Sox shortstops are hitting a collective .233/.283/.345.
If the Nationals choose to work out a deal with the Red Sox, they will be in the driver’s seat.  As the Red Sox slip further, and further behind the Yankees, they could be in desperate straits.  If that is so, then the Nats will in position to reap a haul from Boston, or mess up completely.  Boston needs a shortstop now, if they are to contend.  But if they continue their prospect hoard strategy, they won’t go anywhere.

One comment

  1. juliasrants

    While we do need a shortstop without a doubt – giving up the farm for one player isn’t a viable option. More so then any other team in MLB – our farm systems turns out amazing players – Youk, Pedey, Ells and Pap are great examples. Not all will be stars but we need to find a good balance between potential help now – there is no guarantee that a player we trade for will work out or be healthy the rest of the season – and the future of our team.


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