Where Is The Line Drawn

…before what Prince Fielder did last night.

  • Dodgers 17  Brewers 4
In the eighth inning of this game, both Manny Ramirez, and Juan Pierre, the Dodgers’ left fielder and center fielder were both hit by pitches.  In the ninth inning, in apparent retaliation, Dodgers’ closer Guillermo Mota hit Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder with a pitch and was thrown out. But what happened after the game was the most important, and not in a good way.  Immediately following the game, Fielder stormed through the Dodgers’ dugout, and towards the clubhouse, looking for Mota.
Fielder, who was stopped at the clubhouse door by two teammates said after the game: “He tried to come inside. It just got away from him. It happens.”  I have a question for Mr. Fielder.  Then why did you try to break into the Dodgers’ clubhouse while shouting obscenities if “It just got away from him”?

Brewers manager Ken Macha tried to defend Fielder by saying that the eight inning HBP’s were not intentional, and therefore Mota shouldn’t have hit Fielder in the first place.  “We’re not trying to hit anybody, OK? We’re losing by 13 runs. We’re trying to get 24 outs. We’re not trying to hit anybody. That kind of mentality, I think should be taken care of. We’ll see what happens. As far as I’m concerned, the guy [Mota] just hit him on purpose and then walked straight off the mound into the dugout.”  My question for Mr. Macha.  So your pitchers weren’t trying to hit the player [Ramirez] who had driven in three runs and hit a homerun against their team?

Mr. Macha also said that Mota should be severely disciplined “Giving [Mota] a $500 fine and a two-day suspension, that’s not enough. This kind of thing should be cleaned up.”

If anyone should be suspended it’s Mr. Fielder.  His actions were detrimental to the game, and uncalled for.


  1. juliasrants

    You know – in the Red Sox-Yankees game last night, the Yankees were up by 9 runs in the 8th – their pitcher Melancon threw one pitch that Pedroia had to duck out of the way of so he didn’t get hit in the head. The very next pitch? He hit Pedey in the shoulder blade; awfully close to the head. While Pedey handled himself much better then Prince (though it would probably be in the Yankees best interest not to hit him tonight) I think sometimes you can understand why players get angry. RSN could have accepted the ball sailing over Pedey’s head as “oh -it got away), to have the very next pitch take almost the same flight path? Yes, balls can get away from pitchers – but some of these pitchers do make you go hmmm…..


    • paintingtheblack

      I generally use the following as a guide: once is an accident, twice is intentional, three times, pitcher should already have been ejected.

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