It’s Finally Over: AL East Edition

July.  One month of endless speculation and trades.  Ended by the trade deadline on July 31st. It’s over.  Finally.  I have decided to recap what each team did at the deadline.  First the AL by division, then later the NL.

Yankees- The really had only one need at the deadline, a utility infielder to replace the disastrous combo of Ramiro Peña and Cody Ransom.  They filled in the last hour before the deadline, trading for Reds utility man Jerry Hairston Jr.  Hairston Jr. will be the primary infield utility man for the Yankees, filling in at second, third, and short.  New York was of course mentioned in the Roy Halladay rumors, but Brian  Cashman did a good job standing pat, and not selling the farm system.
Red Sox- The Red Sox were as usual, built on a solid foundation with no real needs at the deadline.  But they swung a couple of deals anyway.  First, uncomfortable with making Mark Kotsay an everyday starter while Mike Lowell was injured, they traded for first basemen Adam Laroche, than flipped him back to where his career began, Atlanta, for Casey Kotchman, when they acquired star catcher Victor Martinez from the Indians.
Rays- The Rays had one glaring need, a catcher.  They were mentioned in the Victor Martinez talks, but didn’t have the payroll flexibility to add him.  It also would have been nice for them to acquire a starter, but once again, money issues scrapped those plans.
Blue Jays- The Jays, safely out of contention, had no needs at the deadline, but stole the spotlight with the plethora of Roy Halladay rumors.  The Jays nearly dealt Halladay to the Phillies for a substantial package, but refused to accept any package without top pitcher Kyle Drabek.  Halladay will probably be moved in the offseason, but for now the Jays aren’t making any moves.
Orioles- In last place, the Orioles weren’t going to be buying players, and with there top  farm system, ready to break out in 2010, they stayed quiet.


  1. raysfanboy

    I really wish the Rays had picked up a strong reliever and a catcher. Instead, nothing. They got a journeyman reliever today off waivers, but big deal. A catcher who can hit and play defense is what we needed. I’m afraid we might have signed our death warrant yesterday by doing nothing.

  2. yanksinsight

    You mean to say that the Yanks only glaring hole on this roster was that they needed a super utility man b/c the Pena/Ransom combo was so horrible? Well you’re right about the combo being horrible but if you think for a second that Jerry Hairston Jr was/is the missing link on this team, I’m sorry you are sadly mistaken. If friday night has showed us anything is that they desperately needed a pitcher and since he was out there for the taking it might as well have been Halladay. Pettitte lost a tough one, but Mitre is horrid and has no business being a long term solution for this team and definitely isn’t the guy you want taking the mound in the post season. Bottom line is they dropped the ball bigtime by mishandling their pitchers to begin with and then b/c they made that mistake not getting a deal done to try and clean it up. And if this White Sox series shows us anything is that they need more pitching and I pray they don’t make any stupid moves off the waiver wire.

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