Pirates Keep Wheeling And Dealing

  • Pirates Keep Wheeling and Dealing
The Pirates traded away 2B Freddy Sanchez, SS Jack Wilson, and starting RHP Ian Snell yesterday.
  1. Sanchez traded to Giants for RHP Tim Alderson
The Pirates finally got a real steal.  In exchange for Sanchez, whose expensive, sure-to-vest option that the Pirates didn’t want to deal with, they stole one of the best Minor League pitching prospects.  Tim Alderson is 20-year-old Double-A pitcher.  The Giants’ first-round pick in 2007, Alderson has gone 7-2 with a 3.65 ERA and excellent peripherals combined between A+, and AA.  The Giants, just a day after acquiring Ryan Garko to be a first base power bat, traded for Sanchez, a slightly above-average hitter, and a below-average fielder, who won’t be much of an improvement over Juan Uribe.  The only consolation in this deal for Giants fans is that at least Brian Sabean didn’t give up Madison Bumgarner.
2. Wilson and Snell traded to Mariners for C/1B Jeff Clement, INF Ronny Cedeño, RHP Aaron Pribanic, P Brett Lorin, and RHP Nathan Adcock

The Mariners made a strong trade to solidify the shortstop posistion after the Yuniesky Betancourt trade steal, and strengthened the rotation.  Snell hasn’t pitched all that well since the  2007 season, but a change of scenery, especially to pitchers haven Safeco Field should suit him well.  Wilson, a veteran no-hit, great-field shortstop, should hold down the posistion for a couple of years.  The Mariners did give up a lot.  Clement, a top prospect who will most likely play first base for Pittsburgh, is a player on the line between Three Outcomes hitter, and a useless Two Outcomes hitter.  But none of that will matter if he continues to fail to hit in the majors.  Cedeño is really only a utility infielder, he can field well, but doesn’t hit enough to hold down a starting job.  Not much information on Pribanic, but he’s a good right-hander who doesn’t give up homeruns, he could have a developing walk problem, though.  Lorin is a promising strikeout pitcher with excellent peripheral stats, he could be the best player from this deal.  Adcock is a 21-year-old Class A+ pitcher with a developing walk problem.
This trade was a win for both sides.  The effectiveness of the prospects given up by Seattle will determine whether it was a win or a loss.


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