Red Sox Acquire Adam Laroche

The Red Sox were expected to acquire a corner infielder with a decent bat, and here he is in the form of Adam Laroche.

I like this trade for both sides.


The Red Sox acquire a bat to occupy first base, while Kevin Youkilis shifts to third base, replacing Mike Lowell who will be out for an extended period of time with a hip injury.  Laroche has a history of hitting poorly in the first half and well in the second half.  According to the latest Elias Free Agent Rankings, reverse engineered by Eddie Bajek for MLBTradeRumors, Laroche is on the edge of being a Type B free agent, meaning he would net the Red Sox a supplemental draft pick if offered arbitration after the season.


The Pirates managed to trade a player who is not part of their rebuilding efforts, (Notice the key word “efforts”).  I like this trade for the Pirates, because they finally traded an expendable player, instead of a cornerstone like Nate McLouth.  Even though Argenis Diaz and Hunter Strickland have a sound chance of never reaching the majors, Pittsburgh might finally be headed in the right direction.  (Probably not, though).


I’ll post later with anaysis of the Chris Duncan/Julio Lugo trade.



  1. santosis

    @Julia: there might not be explicit discussion about Lowell and the DL right now, but I think this very trade is evidence that the Red Sox are concerned. He has already had a 15 day stint to rest the hip (no other injury for that trip), and this trade will likely help him get off back to back days more often to further rest it down the stretch. I agree that he probably should have said something like “might be out extended time if his hip injury continues to deteriorate” or “already missed over three weeks due to the hip that was operated on last off-season”; but let’s not make it sound like Lowell is the perfect image of health right now.

  2. raysfanboy

    I don’t think that this is that great a trade. If he plays every day then it should work out, but I don’t think he will. HIs second hafl stats are great, but if he can’t break the lineup then what is the point? Lowell will start when he returns and then LaRoche is a fill in player just like that. I don’t se the point of this move, but then again, Theo has more World Series rings than me.

  3. santosis

    In perfect world, LaRoche would never see the field. But, unfortunately, injuries happen. Any Red Sox fan has to remember the Kotsay disaster last year against the Rays in the playoffs (7 for 30 with a .333 slug). Kotsay hasn’t shown tremendous improvement, this trade is simply insurance. Since the Sox gave up nothing of real value, even if LaRoche doesn’t see the field, I walk away happy just to know he is there.

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