Hall Of Fame Cases: Cal Ripken Jr

Cal Ripken Jr. Is in the Hall Of Fame for two reasons:

1. His Ironman streak
2. 3,000 Hits
What Cal Really Was


Career numbers mean nothing in this argument.  Ripken Jr was one of many players who played forever just to reach a milestone.  What’s more important is was Cal did for the Orioles every year.
An Average Season For Ripken: .276 AVG, .341 OBP, .448 SLG, 89 R, 172 H, 33 2B, 2 3B, 23 HR, 92 RBI, 61 BB, 70 SO, 2  SB. 2 CS

Cal Ripken Jr was an above-average hitter, and an above-average defender.  However, with these numbers, and no Ironman streak, he would not be in the Hall Of Fame.
How about Ripken’s career numbers had he retired when he should have, and not kept playing.
Shortened-career totals for Ripken: .278 AVG, .344 OBP, .451 SLG, 1561 R, 2991 H, 571 2B, 44 3B, 401 HR, 1571 RBI, 1080 BB, 1205 SO, 36 SB, 37 CS

This Ripken is a above-average player, possibly a borderline Hall Of Fame candidate who would come up just short.
Ripken’s Hall Of Fame Case rests on his consecutive games streak, a milestone that should not determine his Hall Of Fame status.
Perhaps the eight voters who did not name Ripken on their ballots were on to something.

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