Cardinals Acquire Mark Derosa

According to MLBTradeRumors, the Indians have traded utility man Mark Derosa to the Cardinals, in return, Cleveland will receive RP Chris Perez, and and a PTBNL.



I like this deal a lot for the Indians.  They are receiving one of the best closer prospects in the game in Perez, Perez is a flamethrower who gets by with two pitches, a blazing fastball and a wicked slider.  His only issue is a big one: walks.  I see the the Indians using Perez in the closer role this year to get him used to the role and to work on his control problems, then having him take his potential to the next level as the closer in 2010.

The Cardinals have established that they are going for it all this year.  While Derosa will fill their glaring hole at third base, they did not need to give up Perez to get him, they could have called up David Freese.  Half a season of Derosa was not worth Perez.  St. Louis will pay.

Trade Grades:



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