Keys To Success/Failure: Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers


Keys To Success





Why Hitting?

The Rangers have long been
viewed as a great-hit-no-pitch team, and rightfully so.  Just this season have they managed to
put together a respectable pitching staff and bullpen that should be just good
enough to get to the playoffs.  But
the real key to the Rangers’ success remains their hitting.  Texas in fourth overall in hitting in
the AL.  The Rangers’ main
strength, aided by their ballpark, is the homerun.  They are second in the AL in homeruns, four of their
starting nine have over 10 HR’s: DH Hank Blalock (13), 1B Chris Davis (13), 2B
Ian Kinsler (17), and RF Nelson Cruz (18).  The Rangers are also a excellent baserunning team, they are
third in the AL with 52 stolen bases.


Why Fielding?

Texas has an excellent
fielding team.  While the rank near
the middle of the AL in errors and fielding%, the metric UZR/150 provides a
different story.  Using UZR/150,
(excluding catchers), shows that the Rangers deffense will save the team 19.9
runs over the course of 150 
games.  The worst culprit in
the Rangers defense is 3B Michael Young, with a -25.2 UZR/150, but he’s still
adjusting to third base.  What
really exemplifies the Rangers’ defense is that they are one of the best
infields in baseball at turning double plays.


A Improvement?

None necessary.  (Except maybe the pitching)

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