When So-so Became Sosa

Sammy Sosa was a somewhat fast skinny corner outfielder with no power when he played for the White Sox 30629146.jpg

But with the Cubs he became a hulking power hitter.  Wrigley Field certainly helped, but that offensive gap must be attributed to steroids.  Despite the 30-40-60 HR seasons he still stole at least 18 bases a season from 1993-1998.  Will he become the only player to hit 600 homeruns and be held out of the HOF.  Well, Barry Bonds will probably join him.  If Sosa really did take steroids, and it pains me to write that he did, than the 1998 MVP award must be re-assigned.

The top 2 finishers that year were: 1. Sosa, and 2. Mark McGwire, who also took steroids.  Three men must share this award: Moises Alou, Greg Vaughn, and Craig Biggio.

Why, Sammy, why?

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