The Latest “Greatest”

A hypothetical question.  Should any amateur player, no matter how much of a “cant-miss prospect”, or how “great” he is, get this much money: 50 million dollars, before he throws one professional pitch?  Alright, we all know that this “hypothetical” player is Stephen Strasburg.


Let’s put this in perspective: Daisuke Matsuzaka, an established pitcher, is receiving his income from a 6-year 52 million dollar deal. That contract is identical to what an amateur pitcher wants!!! Ben McDonald was a can’t miss in 1989; Brien Taylor was a can’t miss in 1991 (and probably would have been great if he hadn’t ruined his arm in a fight); Matt Anderson was a can’t miss in 1997. No unproven player deserves this much money!!!

If Strasburg gets as much money as he’s requesting, the Draft’s useless bonus system will be shattered once and for all. For every Alex Rodriguez, Joe Mauer, or Ken Griffey Jr., there is a McDonald, Taylor, or Anderson. Remember that, before you hand $50 million to the “next Cy Young“.

A final question: How big is Scott Boras’ mansion?

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