Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

After reading this post over at On The Black, I was thinking about MLB disciplinary actions, and whether they’re deserved.

For pitchers, I think only a headhunting pitcher who goes into a game with the intention to nail a batter, just because, should be punished.  The pitched who is tired of seeing his teammates get drilled, and who then brushes, or throws behind a batter, is in the right.  That is how the game is was played, baseball is was a dirty sport.  All Commissioner Selig wants for this game is a way to make money, and to do that, he is making players behave like they’re going to tea in Regency England.

One comment

  1. goodtimes7

    I agree with you. Headhunting and sticking up for your teammates are two different things. The problem is that MLB thinks they can legislate the problem away, but obviously it’s still happening even with the warnings and mandatory pitcher/manager ejections, so it would be best to let players go back to handling things themselves. That would discourage pitchers from starting things because they’d be putting themselves or their teammates in danger of retaliation.

    Thanks for the love in your post as well.


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